Professional-grade 3D scanners

Full Dimension Measurement and Inspection

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Customize the HDI Advance 3D scanner exactly the way you want

Digitize it
3d scanner for sale uk

Thanks to our professional 3D scanners you can acquire items from 10 mm up to 3 meters. The 3D scanning software saves the data as STL, the standard file format to manage any 3D printer or CNC milling machine.

Re-design it
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Do you need to re-design the scan data in order to generate a 3D CAD model? You can easily import the scan data within your own CAD or using a reverse engineering software such as Geomagic,  Polyworks, Rhinoceros etc.

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Produce it
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Our non-contact 3D scanners are the perfect complement for a 3D printer. You can easily reproduce your parts choosing the best technology for your aims: 3D printer or CNC milling machine.

The fundamentals of the structured light 3D scanning process

Basic work flow

3d scanner field of view

 1 - Part Preparation
2 - Alignment aids
3 - Scanning
4 - Scan data alignment
5 - Cleanup and analysis
6 - Export and use

Capturing data

capturing 3d data

Structured light 3D scanner projects a series of patterns directly onto the object surface. Based on the deformation of those patterns, it can construct a 3D scan in minutes

Creating the 3D model

capturing 3d data

To join multiple scans together the 3D scanning software offers several alignments aids. Automatic alignments (ideal to 3D scan freeform shapes) and photogrammetric dots (specific to digitize prismatic parts)

Cleanup & exporting

exporting 3d scan data

Once all the data is aligned, it may require hole filling. Data will also require some editing, and refinement depending on target usage. The data can be saved as Stl, Obj

While other 3D scanning systems can be restrictive in its ability to only scan similar sized objects, the HDI Advance 3D scanning systems are different. The HDI Advance scans objects of different shapes and sizes simply by changing the scanner’s observable area. They offer the flexibility for scanning a wide range of components, objects, and people into full digital 3D models. You can make the field of view smaller or bigger simply by placing the cameras in different preset slots on the scanner’s mount, or by switching to different cameras/lenses for scanning extremely small objects (i.e. coin) or large parts (i.e. car).

Small-sized parts
hdi advance 3d scanner for sale uk
From 10mm up to 100mm
Medium-sized parts
motorbike crankcase
From 100mm up to 500mm
Large-sized parts
car bonnet 3d scan
From 500mm up to 3 meters

Application fields


car visor 3d scanning

Car visor
1.300 mm long


turbine blade 3d scanning

Turbine blade
150 mm


running shoe 3d scan

Running shoe
265 mm long


plastic chair 3d scanning

Plastic chair
650 mm long


nail laquer 3d scanning

Nail laquer
80 mm height


incense burner 3d scanning

Incense burner
445 mm diameter


sofa 3d scanning

1.400 mm long


oxygen mask 3d scanning

Oxygen mask
120 mm height